Custom Computers for Every Job

Building for Spike Lee
Spike Lee is a client of Build A Customized Computer. Our computers are being used to film Spike's upcoming films "Never Left" and "Squadron".

Video Production with NVidia Building for Spike Lee

Building for G Eazy
G Eazy is a client of Build A Custom Computer. G Eazy uses our silent computers to produce high-quality professional audio recordings.

Audio Production With Audio Science Building for G Eazy

Building for Modern Aviation
Modern Aviation is a commercial client of Build A Customized Computer. Modern aviation uses our computers to design aerospace components and to create renderings and marketing content.

Aerospace Design with NVidia Building for Modern Aviation

  • Fast CPUs

    Intel's Fastest Processors

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  • Flawless Graphics

    NVidia Video Rendering and Output

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  • Safe Memory

    Upgrade to DDR5 to avoid hazardous EMF fields.

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  • Efficient Power

    Energy Star Power Supplies

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  • Hyper Cooling

    Low Temp Without Liquids

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  • Redundant Storage

    RAID 1 Array With Every PC

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Pricing Tiers

Multiple performance packages to fit your budget.
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